Arboretum, Parking Structures, Police Department

What We Do

Our Office

The Office of Capital Project Management manages the day-to-day activities of the project from the initial design through final construction completion.


Our first task is to help develop a building program which outlines a project scope, budget and schedule to meet the needs of the proposed project. Once the overall goals and objectives of the proposed project are defined and a budget is determined, we work with Financial Services to establish an account to fund the project.

Our next task is to help select and contract with the design team comprised of architects, engineers and other professionals necessary to carry out the design and produce the construction documents required to build the project. We manage the construction documentation process with the project consultants and coordinate other project requirements with many other campus departments including Environmental Health & Instructional Safety, Disabled Student Services, Facilities Operations, Parking and Transportation, University Police, and Information Technology. We also coordinate with the State Fire Marshal for compliance with fire-life-safety codes and the Office of the State Architect to ensure accessibility and compliance.

Next, we work with Financial Services to oversee the bidding process, including advertising, bid preparation, bid review and award. We then finalize the contract for construction with the successful bidder so that we can begin the actual construction.

The construction of a capital project may often take three months to two or more years. During this phase we manage the construction process by conducting construction progress meetings with the design and construction team and project user groups to coordinate all the aspects of the work. Continuous project inspections and testing are also necessary to provide compliance to the construction documents and state building codes. Before the final completion of every construction project, we establish a “punch-list” for the contractor. Once all the project close-out work is coordinated and completed, the State Fire Marshal signs off on the project and our University “clients” can take occupancy of the project.

Our work is still not completed on the project. For the next year, we monitor the project for any warranty issues which may arise and direct the General Contractor to complete corrective work if needed. We also coordinate with the design team to ensure that final “as-built” drawings are completed and submitted to our office for project record documentation.

Other Responsibilities

A major responsibility of our office is to provide project status updates, quarterly reports and final completed project reports and evaluations to the campus and Capital Planning Design and Construction (CPDC) at the Chancellor’s Office.

Besides the day-to-day management of our capital projects, the Office of Capital Project Management is involved with the development and implementation of many other special projects. These include numerous smaller capital improvement projects, campus design standards for capital projects, ADA signage, ADA parking, building systems and controls, and many standard building items specified in our projects. We continually develop and initiate new procedures and project management tools to increase our ability to better manage our projects. As State laws, codes and regulations change, we constantly monitor those changes and revise our internal processes to meet the new requirements.

We are proud to serve our campus with a dynamic and creative design and building process. We have established a successful “track record” with our completed projects and look forward to continuing our work with the campus community as we move into the future.