Completed Projects


Replace and upgrade the existing counterweight rigging system; and miscellaneous associated safety upgrades.

Project Budget - $667,466
Construction Start - May 2014
Completion Date - August 2014
Contractor - LVH Entertainment Systems
Project Manager - Oliver Houdement

Langsdorf Hall 8th Floor Restrooms

Renovation of the existing Men's and Women's Restrooms located in Langsdorf Hall 8th Floor to be compliant with current codes

Project Budget - $201,347
Construction Start - February 2014
Completion Date - June 2014
Contractor - De La Riva
Project Manager - Chris Brown

Starbucks – Pollak Library

Construct a new Starbucks Coffee in the Pollak Library North.

Project Budget - $823,825
Construction Date - June 2013
Completion Date - February 2014
Contractor - Dalke / JOC
Project Manager - Chris Brown

Alumni House

Upgrade existing landscape and renovation of existing outdoor patio space to meet the current needs of the Golleher Alumni House.

Project Budget - $155,000
Construction Date - June 2013
Completion Date - February 2014
Contractor - De La Riva
Project Manager - Chris Brown

Arboretum Sidewalk & Roadway Infrastructure

Design and construction of new fencing, sidewalk, curb, gutter, and bioswale along the north and east boundary of the Fullerton Arboretum.

Project Budget - $1,397,800
Construction Date - July 2013
Completion Date - January 2014
Contractor - Ace Engineering / JOC
Project Manager - Kathy Flachmeier

Children's Center Improvements

Provide exterior improvements with construction of sun protection shading devices for the outdoor play area.

Project Budget - $265,000
Construction Date - September 2003
Completion Date - January 2014
Contractor - Dalke / JOC
Project Manager - Sharon Millman

NEW CSUF Children's Center OpensPDF File Opens in new window
(May 2012)

TSU HVAC - Phase I

Upgrade and expansion of the Titan Student Union’s HVAC mechanical systems

Project Budget - $1,794,720
Construction Date - June 2013
Completion Date - October 2013
Contractor - Ace Engineering / JOC
Project Manager – Meg Beatrice

Military Science Modular Buildings

Install three modular buildings to house the ROTC program around a paved quadrangle north of the Titan House. The project requires demolition of an existing storage building, connection of water, sewer, power and data utilities.

Project Budget - $804,121
Construction Date - January 2013
Completion Date - October 2013
Contractor - Dalke / JOC
Project Manager - Tinnah Medina

VIC @ Associated Road

Construct a new Visitor Information Center and related site improvements at the north campus entrance at Associated Road and West Campus Drive.

Project Budget - $714,343
Construction Date - December 2012
Completion Date - October 2013
Contractor - Dalke / JOC
Project Manager - Tinnah Medina

Dan Black Hall - 201

Renovate the existing Geology Lab into two separate laboratories. Install new flooring, raise existing casework, remove wood counter tops, new emergency shower / eye wash stations

Project Budget - $140,196
Construction Date - July 2003
Completion Date - September 2013
Contractor - NuAge Development
Project Manager - Meg Beatrice

Campus Signage

campus exterior signage

This is a way-finding sign project that will aid visitors and campus members in finding their way onto and around the campus. The first phase included two “Welcome” signs and signs at each of the 10 campus entrances. These signs are internally illuminated by LED fixtures. They provide a number for each entrance and inform drivers of the major destinations reached from each. Once onto the campus, secondary directional signs will direct drivers to parking facilities and pedestrians to campus buildings and features. Directories will provide maps at several campus locations, and Monument signs will identify each building by name.

Project Budget - $678,082
Construction Date - June 2011
Completion Date - June 2013
Architects - Biesek Design
Contractor - Dalke & Sons
Project Manager - Stephen Halcum

Women's Locker Room

k&hs women's locker room

Renovation of the Women's Locker Room to include installation of new lockers, benches, lighting fixtures.

Project budget - $800,000
Construction Date - May 2012
Completion Date - August 2012
Architects - API Consultants
Contractor - Nu/Age Development
Project Manager - Steve Chamberlain

Humanities 6th Floor Renovation

humanities 6th floor renovation

The project consists of a total renovation of the 6th Floor of the Humanities Building (12,000 GSF) for the Department of Psychology. Upgrades include updated classroom spaces with new audio visual equipment, animal lab with increased capability and dedicated air handling equipment, conference and research lab space. The project includes a new air handler for the 6th floor to provide greater comfort control and energy conservation.

Project Budget - $2,648,308
Construction Date - October 2011
Completion Date - August 2012
Architects - Lundstrom & Associates
Contractor - H.A. Nichols Co.
Project Manager - Stephen Halcum


photovoltaic solar electric

The Photovoltaic Solar Electric Project will install a 1.18 MW DC rated PV system on campus that will generate renewable energy for the University. Solar panels (modules) will be installed on several sites including Kinesiology & Health Science (K&HS), Performing Arts (PA), and the Eastside Parking Structure (EPS). The modules at K&HS and PA are rooftop mounted, and the modules at EPS are mounted on canopy/carport structures placed on the upper deck level. The project will also install ground mounted panels at the Desert Studies Center research field station located in the Mojave Desert east of Barstow.

Project Budget - $6,000,000
Construction Date - May 2011
Completion Date - March 2012
Architects - N/A
Contractor - AECOM
Project Manager - Steve Chamberlain


khs/titan gym seismic upgrade                                               

The project shall seismically upgrade the Kinesiology & Health Science Building. Items addressed during the seismic upgrade include the out of plane wall anchorage of all the structural poured in place concrete walls and drag connections between the East and West portions of the Titan Gymnasium. Remediation measures involve stitching the existing seismic separation joint in the building together with steel plates, anchoring roof members (purlins) to perimeter walls, and creating steel and shotcrete connections at critical drag locations.

Project Budget - $1,632,000
Construction Date - June 2011
Completion Date - January 2012
Architects - Brandow & Johnston
Contractor - Dalke & Sons
Project Manager - Steve Chamberlain

Student Housing Phase 3

student housing phase III

The Student Housing Phase III provides 347,899 GSF of dormitory style student housing units (1,064 beds), two Residential Community Coordinator apartments, and two Faculty-In-Residence apartments located adjacent to the existing resident halls. Administrative offices, conference and multi-purpose rooms, laundry facilities, and a convenience store are part of the expansion. The new "Gastronome" is a 565-seat contemporary dinning facility that provides buffet-style eating with a diverse menu to serve the student residents and campus community. Site improvements include a piazza, landscaping, a loading dock, signage, trash and bicycle enclosures, and surface parking lots.

Platinum LEED Student Housing First in StatePDF File Opens in new window (April 2012)

Project Cost - $144,488,054
Construction Date - August 2009
Completion Date - July 2011
Architects - Steinberg Architects
Contractor - PCL Construction
Project Manager - Steve Chamberlain

Student Housing Phase 3

Humanities Plaza Shop 24

shop 24 food service building

The Shop 24 vending building is an automated convenience store located between the Humanities and the Education Classroom buildings. Shop 24 provides a variety of items including snacks, drinks, and household items to service student needs.

Project Cost - $54,818
Construction Date - June 2010
Completion Date - December 2010
Architects - Jeff Coffman & Associates
Contractor - Dalke & Sons
Project Manager - Stephen Halcum

VIC Arts Drive

visitor information center - arts drive

The Visitor Information Center (VIC) at Arts Drive is a 220 GSF prefabricated steel building set in the island planter at the head of Arts Drive to facilitate both vehicle drive up and walk up information for campus visitors. The facility is fully insulated heated and air conditioned with the latest in technology for data, communication and security.

Project Cost - $380,640
Construction Date - September 2008
Completion Date - August 2010
Contractor - Dalke and Sons
Project Manager - Tom Grayson

Children Center

children's center

The 15,317 GSF Children’s Center is a single-story, multi-building facility located in Lot A. The facility is designed to accommodate the care and educational needs of up to 122 infants, toddlers and pre-school children whose parents study or work at CSUF. This center includes various outdoor play areas, children's gardens with pets and fruit trees, and onsite drop-off parking.

Project Cost - $8,397,000
Construction Date - November 2009
Completion Date- May 2011
Occupancy - January 2011
Architects - Carde Ten
Contractor - C.W. Driver
Project Manager - Tom Grayson

Children's Center

Irvine Campus

csuf irvine campus

The project relocated the CSUF Irvine Campus from the previous El Toro location to a new modern facility in Irvine. The 78,000 GSF two-story facility encompasses modern classroom space, faculty and administrative offices, police office, meeting spaces, study areas, library, bookstore, TSU student spaces, exercise room and exterior patio.

Project Cost - $3.2 million
Construction Date - August 2010
Completion Date - April 2011
Architects - LPA
Contractor - Turelk
Project Manager - Stephen Halcum

Eastside Parking Structure

eastside parking structure

The 454,150 GSF Eastside Parking Structure is six levels with 1,500 spaces located northeast of the Steven G. Mihaylo Hall. The structure includes a three-bank, glass backed elevator along with grand stairs on the west side opening onto a Pedestrian Plaza. A lighted pedestrian walkway extends through the existing surface parking lot for access to the central campus. Vehicular access is from the campus entrance at Nutwood Avenue and Folino Drive with a new Visitor Information Center. The structure also accommodates a photo voltaic array on the upper level.

Project Cost - $23,815,241
Construction Date - September 2009
Completion Date - October 2010
Architects - International Parking Design
Contractor - Bomel Construction
Project Manager - Stephen Halcum

Eastside Parking Structure

Nutwood Visitor Parking Lot

nutwood visitor parking lot

The Nutwood Visitor Parking lot was reconfigured to accommodate a new drop-off / pick-up turnaround at the Langsdorf fountain and plaza area. The parking lot provides assigned parking for campus administration and a short term parking area for campus visitors.

Project Cost - $390,000
Construction Date - May 2008
Completion Date - October 2008
Architects - Nolte Associates
Contractor - Dalke & Sons
Project Manager - Jeff Weinstein

University Police

university police facility

The 10,477 GSF University Police Facility provides administrative offices, a dispatch center, front counter / records area, live scan area, an Emergency Operations Center, conference and briefing rooms, evidence storage, holding and processing area, armory safety equipment room, and locker / shower facilities.

Project Cost - $6,509,064
Construction Date - November 2007
Completion Date - October 2009
Architects - LPA
Contractor - Gonzales Construction
Project Manager - Steve Chamberlain

University Police

Student Recreation Center Pool View

student recreation center

The 89,450 GSF Student Recreation Center serves as the primary destination for personal fitness training and group fitness classes. The first floor includes the lobby, a rock climbing wall, cardio fitness area, and a gymnasium with three basketball courts. The second floor contains two racquetball courts, a spinning room, a running track, and administrative offices. South of the facility is a lap and recreation pool with a lounging deck.

Student Recreation Center Breaks GroundPDF File Opens in new window (July 2006)

Project Cost - $35,594,168
Construction Date - July 2006
Completion Date - June 2008
Architects - Langdon Wilson 
Contractor - C.W. Driver
Project Manager - Stephen Halcum

Student Recreation Center

Steven G Mihaylo Hall

steven g. mihaylo hall

The 195,134 GSF building provides lecture halls, smart classrooms, computer labs, administrative and faculty offices, and research space to support the Mihaylo College of Business & Economics. The building includes several large tiered seating lecture halls, and the upper three floors provides a total of 260 offices to house faculty.

Project Cost - $ 77,876,795
Construction Date - December 2006
Completion Date - July 2008
Architects - HOK Architects
Contractor - Turner Construction
Project Manager - Jack Bage

Steven G Mihaylo Hall

Nursing Skills Lab

nursing skills lab

The 5,000 GSF facility in the Kinesiology and Health Science building provides a simulator skills lab, patient exam room, central video control rooms, 30 seat smart classroom, student computer workstations, and office space. The Nursing Skills Lab supports pre-licensure courses that allows students to practice patient care in a simulated environment prior to performing these same procedures in a hospital setting. The Men’s Locker Room was also renovated as part of this project.

Project Cost - $1,955,158
Construction Date - January 2007
Completion Date - July 2007
Architects - API Consultants
Contractor - Dalke & Sons
Project Manager - Steve Chamberlain

State College Parking Structure

state college parking structure

The 460,875 GSF State College Parking Structure is six levels with 1,513 spaces, located directly adjacent to the new Student Recreation Center. The elevators at the southeast side deliver pedestrians onto a new mall north of the Titan Student Union.

Project Cost - $20,432,767
Construction Date - April 2005
Completion Date - May 2006
Architects - Langdon Wilson
Contractor - Bomel Construction Co.
Project Manager - Will Nighswonger

State College Parking Structure

Performing Arts

auditorium and fine arts facility

The 108,000 GSF Performing Arts Building includes a 800 seat Concert Hall, a 250 seat Studio Theater, a 100 seat Black Box Theater, Scene Shop, Costume Shop, Dance Studio, faculty offices, and other ancillary support spaces.

Project Cost - $44,336,452
Construction Date - October 2003
Completion Date - January 2006
Architects - Pfeiffer Partners Inc.
Contractors -
    Phase I - Kajima Construction
    Phase II - Hensel Phelps
Project Manager - Steve Chamberlain

Meng Concert Hall

Arboretum Visitor Center

arboretum visitor center

The 9,539 GSF Arboretum Visitor Center includes a museum featuring exhibits depicting the area's agricultural history, an open-air Pavilion and Courtyard to host events of up to 227 people, a catering kitchen, and three classrooms with movable partitions that open to create one large area.

Arboretum Visitor CenterPDF File Opens in new window - CSUF Sustainability (June 2005)

Project Cost - $3,206,522
Construction Date - August 2004
Completion Date - January 2006
Architects - Dougherty & Dougherty
Contractor - Construct One
Project Manager - Tom Grayson

Arboretum Visitor Center

Nutwood Parking Structure

nutwood parking structure

The 764,005 GSF Nutwood Parking Structure is five levels with 2,500 spaces. The structure is built with poured-in-place, post-tensioned concrete and a ductile movement frame. Site design includes trees, bamboo and vine trellises on the east, south and west elevations, with translucent glass and stainless steel screening on the north and south elevations includes extensive related site improvements.

Project Cost - $21,479,595
Construction Date - June 2003

Completion Date - November 2004
Architects - A.C. Martin Partners, Inc.
Contractor - ARB, Inc.
Project Manager - Will Nighswonger

Nutwood Parking Structure

Kinesiology & Health Science

kinesiology and health science (pe addition)

The addition of 70,995 GSF to the existing Physical Education building includes instructional, research and office space for the Kinesiology Department and lecture hall seating for 180 students. The facility includes an upper level practice gymnasium, and is ADA compliant access.

Project Cost - $18,681,000
Construction Date - September 2001
Completion Date - November 2003
Architects - HMC Group
Contractor - Swinerton Builders
Project Manager - Jack Bage

Kinesiology & Health Science

Student Housing II

student housing phase ii

The 149,970 GSF student housing expansion is comprised of 5 four-story buildings. The units feature four single-occupant bedrooms, a living room, dinning area, kitchen and two bathrooms. New common and maintenance buildings provide centralized administrative services. Amenities include a convenience store, laundry room, weight room, study group areas, volleyball and basketball courts, and large landscaped court yards.

Project Cost - $24,467,206
Construction Date - March 2001
Completion Date - February 2003
Architects - The Steinberg Group
Contractor - S.J. Amoroso Construction
Project Manager - Steve Chamberlain

Student Housing II

Humanities Seismic Upgrade

humanities seismic upgrade

The existing building was seismically upgraded with the addition of new exterior shear walls. A new men's ADA compliant restroom was constructed on the first floor. Interior renovation of the first floor included the elevator lobby, new ramps, sidewalks, and landscape improvements.

Project Cost - $1,353,000
Construction Date - July 2001
Completion Date - December 2002
Architects - Johnson & Nielsen
Contractor - Sea Pac Engineers Inc.
Project Manager - Steve Chamberlain

Student Health Center

student health center addition

This building provided an additional 8,000 GSF for the Student Health and Counseling Center. The free-standing building houses a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Medicine facility, a hydrotherapy room, and Counseling and Psychological Services department with private and group therapy space.

Project Cost - $2,209,881
Construction Date - July 2001
Completion Date - December 2002
Architects - LPA, Inc.
Contractor - Construct One Corp.
Project Manager - Jack Bage

Student Health Center


ball field improvements

A two-story clubhouse common to the baseball and softball fields were constructed to house locker rooms and coaches offices. An upper level multi-purpose room provides indoor and outdoor space for viewing both the baseball and softball diamonds. The primary softball field was realigned and new concrete dugouts, a press box and 1,000 permanent seats were added. Baseball gained 2,000 seats including true box seats.

Project Cost - $1,541,118
Construction Date - March 1998
Completion Date - June 1999
Architects - Dougherty & Dougherty
Contractor - Nu-Age Developers
Project Manager - Steve Chamberlain

El Dorado

el dorado ranch renovation

Several improvements were made to the grounds of the University President's residence. A maintenance building and an adjacent trellis structure were constructed to house a workshop and storage space for landscape supplies and equipment. The existing three-story tower was structurally renovated and received a new roof, windows, electrical and mechanical systems.

Project Cost - $246,000
Completion Date - October 2000
Architects - John G. Cataldo
Contractor - A-Beam Construction

Project Manager - Steve Chamberlain

El Dorado

Langsdorf Hall

langsdorf hall seismic upgrade

The existing nine-story administration building was seismically upgraded. The corners of the tower and two interior walls of the three-story east wing were reinforced. The entire building was repainted and re-roofed, the first floor lobby was refurbished and new restrooms were added to meet ADA compliance. The plaza was reconstructed to include a fountain and extensive landscaping.

Project Cost - $3,923,000
Construction Start - March 2000
Completion Date - August 2001
Architects - Johnson & Nielsen
Contractor - Intertex Contractors
Project Manager - Steve Chamberlain

Langsdorf Hall

Titan House

titan house renovation

Renovation of an historic 1886 brick house to serve as administrative offices for the Athletic Department and the athletic ticket office. Careful attention was paid to maintaining the original details of the woodwork, doors, windows, and covered front porch. The project also included new HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, substantial seismic strengthening and ADA upgrades.

Project Cost - $655,587
Construction Start - August 2000
Completion Date - December 2000
Architects - Fields Devereaux
Contractor - Ally Construction
Project Manager - Jack Bage